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Content Copyright

The following terms and conditions for use all of the TutsTalk website and all content, pages, code, file, document, features, and activities available at or through the Website.

  1. The web pages, tutorial, contents displayed on the pages, including all information, illustrations, artwork, diagram,  code snippets, study material, and other graphic materials are the copyright property of TutsTalk and RSMania.
  2. You are strictly prohibited to retain, reuse, reproduced, publish the contents or a portion or circulate any such material in any way, shape, or form to any third party without the written permission or consent of TutsTalk and RSMania.
  3. The content of the tutorial library, some project work, our official books, our exclusive content is only used for the personal and educational purpose. But you are not allowed the content as commercial and industrial purpose without our written permission.
  4. You are free to use the example code for the personal and commercial purpose. Fair usages like using the examples and code snippets on online forums, blog posts or in books for reference purpose are also permitted. But you are not allowed to redistribute them without prior written permission from the Tutstalk or RSMania.
  5. Also, you don’t allow the digital product that owned by tutstalk that not be shareable.


We Use different third-party logos, trademark in our products like Education Library, CodeSpace, Blog, Forum, Books. The logos and trademark have been taken from various technology inventors like GNU, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. We strongly state that such logos and trademark and other material have no relation to TutsTalk and they are the property of their respective owners, they hold their own copyrights. We are not responsible for the third party products.

Claims of Infringement

If you find your work has been duplicated in any tutorials, content, pages, our official books or any other part of the website and you believe it constitutes copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights are violated, please bring it to our notice us to claim for copyright or other intellectual property infringement. Kindly fill a notifying form at Contact Us Form or send us a mail on contact@tutstalk.com. You can claim for the infringement by producing valid and correct proofs of your work.

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